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What's Your Motivation?

At Chicago Dance Factory, not only will we build you into a competent dancer, we'll also introduce you to an entire dance community not only in Chicago but nation and even world wide.  Surrounded by the friends you'll make among your fellow students, you'll have opportunities to attend amazing dance events most people only dream of.

Meet a Whole New World of Friends!

Dance in a Showcase or Competition!

If your dream is to dance in a show, that can happen with one of our Student Showcase Events where you can invite who ever you wish to attend.


If your dream is to dance in competition, Chicago Dance Factory travels with students to exotic places like Orlando, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

Stay Fit and Build Confidence!

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise and stay physically fit.  Studies show that dancers maintain a higher quality of life as they age both in the mind and physically.  Becoming proficient on the dance floor will also greatly build your self esteem.  Learning to dance can be one of the most powerful self development skills you can acquire.


If you have purchased a private lesson package, are interested in an Intro Lesson for $15 or would like to schedule a dance lesson, please complete the form below.  If you are not called within 48 hours, please call us at 630-410-1010 between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.  


You must bring your payment receipt or Groupon / LS Redemption Form with you to your first appointment along with a completed student information sheet.  Expired deals and certificates will be honored for value paid.   PLEASE NOTE: Our email server had issues which has now been corrected.  If you submitted a request and were not contacted, please try again or call 630-410-1010.

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Ballroom City

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